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At Worth It Healthy Living, we believe that "Wellness" is a state of feeling well in mind, body, and spirit. It involves a sense of reserve mental and physical power. It includes our emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, environmental, and social wellness; all of which makes us a “well being.” When all aspects of wellness are met, we are considered whole.

At Worth It Healthy Living, we're proud to offer a wide range of services- all of which complement each other, from Personal Training to Performance Enhancement Training, and Lifestyle Consultation to Nutrition Coaching.

By working together to identify your goals, and creating workable plans to enable you to reach your dreams, your health and wellness goals are completely within reach!

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Personal Training Packages

Worth It Healthy Living offers a wide variety of Personal Training packages for every level of client, from the most basic virtual guidance to grueling in-person boot-camp style workouts.
We will work together utilizing a system of feedback techniques to pin down your goals, and come up with the best individualized plan for you.

Corrective Exercise

Imagine effortlessly moving through life with amazing, healthy posture- and a full, fluid range of motion through all of your joints. Utilizing Corrective Exercise techniques, this is not only possible- it's totally achievable!
Perfect for those looking to increase their quality of movement, range of motion, resistance to injury, and general mobility.

Performance Enhancement

Better. Faster. Stronger. "We can rebuild him. We have the technology."
While we're not talking about cyborg enhancements- Performance Enhancement Training is designed to take you to the next level of your game, whether that's as an athlete at School of Mines (10% off for all current students!) or wanting to get ready to tackle some 14ers next season.
Utilizing advanced, science-based, effective training for the best performance and injury-prevention training system in the field.

Workplace Wellness

When one thinks of exercise, they tend to think of the physical benefits- Lower blood pressure, lower resting heart rate, a healthier heart, more stable blood glucose.
We have, however, been finding that another massive benefit of exercise exists, and it has to do with how we THINK before and after exercise! The following cognitive benefits are proven results of exercise- improved concentration, sharper memory, prolonged mental stamina, enhanced creativity, lower stress, and faster learning abilities.

It is proven that employees who work out have different experiences at work. Those who engage in exercise and activity report managing their day more effectively, being more productive, and having better interactions with their co-workers. These are the kinds of employees who are dedicated to their company- the kind of employee you want.

Worth It Healthy Living Workplace Wellness sessions can look like one-on-one Personal Training sessions for employees, Group Fitness Sessions in a cafeteria or break room, Lifestyle Consultations, Nutritional Advisement and Coaching, and any combination of services to bring the most benefit to your employees, and incidentally, your company!

Wellness Consultation

If you are seeking to improve your health, vitality, and overall quality of life, a Worth It Healthy Living Wellness Consultation will introduce you to a more natural diet and way of living mindfully that can start you on the path toward achieving every one of your goals.
Many who are looking to make amazing changes in their lives know that their current lifestyle simply can't follow them to the life they want to lead. With proper guidance, you can make an amazing transition from where you're at, to where you want to be, and beyond! - And have it be enjoyable along the way!
Some clients find that only one month of bi-weekly 15-minute sessions is necessary to achieve the results they need, while others opt for continued monthly maintenance sessions to keep themselves on task and accountable.
Wellness Consultations are $55/session, or $200/mo.

Nutritional Advisement & Coaching

Imagine feeling AMAZING, all the way to a cellular level. Imagine feeling EXCITED about the food you get to eat. Imagine a colorful, flavorful, rainbow of foods on a plate just ready to fuel your next adventures. THAT is what eating healthy is all about!

At Worth It Healthy Living, we're not all about rice cakes, (no offense, rice cakes.) We're all about living our best lives! That means taking in the best nutrition, while not sacrificing the joy that food brings to us.
If you're feeling like something's just *off*, like you're not fueling yourself adequately, we can help! By taking an inventory of where we're at, and where we're wanting to go- we can work together to get a nutrition advisement plan together that you're going to LOOK FORWARD to putting to good use every day!

Already have a good idea of what you're doing when it comes to food, but unsure of a few things?- I can help with the next steps in your health and wellness journey! As a certified Nutritional Advisor and Coach, Worth It Healthy Living is fully qualified to work with you on your individual macros, and really dial your nutrition in tight for the most optimum results!

As with Lifestyle Consultation, some clients find that only one month of bi-weekly 15-minutes sessions is necessary to achieve the results they need, while others opt for continued monthly maintenance sessions to keep themselves on task and accountable.
Nutritional Advisement and Coaching is $55/session, or $200/mo.

Add-Ons & A-La-Carte

$55/per - Stand-Alone Lifestyle Consultation

$55/per - Stand-Alone Basic Nutrition Planning

$200/mo - Wellness Consultation

$200/mo - Basic Nutrition Coaching

$25/per - BMI/Fitness Assessment

$90-$350/Mo, 3Mo Min - 5K Training