About Us

Worth It Healthy Living is a Personal Training, Corrective Exercise, Performance Enhancement, and Wellness Consultation provider in beautiful Golden, CO.

Worth It Healthy Living is led by Owner/Founder Adam Brown. Adam began his personal fitness journey in 2013, and is proud to be a Golden-based Health and Fitness Professional who specializes in human mobility and injury prevention. It is his goal to help people of all ages to improve their quality of movement so that they can live the life they want to live.

Adam is a NASM-Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist and Performance Enhancement Specialist, and has earned three Personal Trainer Certifications, one from the gold standard of the fitness industry, NASM, another from the NCCA- Accredited ACTION, and the third from the NBFE-Accredited NAFC. Adam is also a certified Group Fitness Instructor, Certified Nutritional Advisor and Coach, Behavior Change Specialist, and certified Wellness Consultant He has also earned Advanced Anatomy and Physiology, and Advanced Nutrition certifications, as well as Raw Foods Nutritionist, Meditation Teacher, and Master Herbalist diplomas.


Nutrition Coach
Personal Trainer
Group Fitness Instructor
Behavior Change Specialist
Corrective Exercise Specialist
Performance Enhancement Specialist

Advanced Anatomy and Physiology
Nutritional Advisor and Coach
Personal Trainer
Wellness Consultant

Advanced Nutrition Certification
Personal Trainer