Office Worker's Workout

-Let's get some movement in our day!-

-To help reduce muscle tension and postural discomfort faced by those who sit for long hours during their day.-

  • Many of us spend a majority of our day at work sitting, leaning forward to better see computer screens or phone screens.

  • As a result, we may end up with muscle imbalances that then present themselves in the form of muscle tightness, weakness, changes in posture, and possibly chronic pain.

    This series of exercises is designed specifically to help counteract the effects to our thoracic and cervical spine from the long hours of sitting many people must withstand in a day.

  • Important note 1: One of the most commonly reported issues office workers face is a forward head posture, and this workout series seeks to help correct this. Chin Tucks are a main component of this workout series, and a tucked chin should also be held through these exercises to help reinforce that healthy posture change we're seeking. This will also help to alleviate the feelings of a tight neck and upper back.

  • Important note 2: For many office workers, and others with similar seated posture such as tattoo artists, truck drivers, and dentists- the common complaint is tight upper back muscles. The common remedy is to massage those back muscles. The issue with this though, is that due to the typical hunched-forward seated posture, the back muscles are already stretched because the posture all day was hunched forward, and that's what's making them feel tight. Instead, with this workout, there is a focus on simultaneously opening and stretching the chest while strengthening and shortening the back muscles, helping to alleviate the cause of tight upper back muscles.

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